Since 2010, our mission has been simple.

1. Listen to small voices.     

2. Raise awareness.

3. Eliminate child abuse. 

We do this by providing forensic interviews, medical exams, and advocacy for suspected child abuse victims.



The Hamilton House advocate assigned to your case is here to help you navigate through this process. Their job is to listen and to provide support in whatever way possible, including seeking out information and available resources to meet your family’s needs.  Your advocate will follow up with you several times after your visit to ensure your child is doing well and not showing further signs of trauma.  If you have and questions or concerns about the investigation, you can also contact your advocate.

Forensic Interviews

A specially trained child forensic interviewer will speak with the child in a developmentally appropriate manner in order for the investigator to obtain a legally sound account of what happened.  The child’s confidentiality is of utmost importance- only those directly involved with the investigation are allowed to observe the interview.  Interviews are recorded to reduce the number of times your child has to give account of what happened, thus reducing his/her trauma.

Forensic Medical Exams

Should the child receive an exam, you are allowed to accompany them.  Only the investigators involved in the case will allowed any documentation of exam results, but the nurse will relay the results verbally.  Before the exam, the SANE nurse will meet with you to discuss what to expect in further detail and get the child’s medical history.